Denim Snakes, a four-piece from Barry, South Wales, have arrived with their Rock ‘n’ Roll sound bursting from their home’s ghost-town pleasure park. The band came together in 2013 – with former My Red Cell and Innercity Pirates frontman Russell Toomey taking the lead on vocals and guitar, Tom Hall on drums and backing vocals from both guitarist Jake Ellis-Scott and bassist Mattise Clarke.

The songs are laced with the strive for satisfaction present in all good rock music and have hooks that wrap around bones and get feet moving. With their live shows played in a frenzied fever (Russ Toomey’s primal kicks are fast becoming a signature) and song titles like “Making Money”, “Happiness” and “Sex”, Denim Snakes are full of the classic rock spirit.

The band released their debut single ‘21’ in late 2013, with a boisterous music video to boot – the track is drenched in nostalgia and demonstrates the band’s love for a great melody. ‘21’ went on to be named in Wales Online’s 51 Greatest Welsh Pop Songs of 2013, with the site praising their first release and noting how it is “greased through with nifty harmonica”. Released at the same time was their second single ‘Party Hard’ – a sweet shot of yearning punk, with a chorus that refuses to be forgotten.

Named in Wales Online’s 40 Welsh Bands to look out for in 2014, this year has been a busy one for the Denim Snakes. In September 2014 the band released their latest single – the blistering pop-punk anthem ‘The Guard’ – which has already been played on BBC Radio Wales and Nation Radio. On the 11th of October they released their debut album – ‘Denim Snakes’.

Denim Snakes released their latest single ‘Stronger’ on the 7th of August 2015 with a stunning video to compliment the song. The song has made the Planet Rock playlist for 5 weeks in a row and had plays on Nation Radio and BBC Radio Wales which saw them recieving artist of the week for the second time.