Why are Africa Writes involved?
We thought it would be interesting to bring  a team of African writers to Blackwood and listen to them, learn off them, be inspired by them and realise the world is a big place with lots of cultural beauty.


Why are so many events held in schools? 
Velvet Coalmine is designed to generate creative impact. After a few efforts, we felt the children were the best route to inject this impact and the Head Teachers of all the schools have been amazing in their support.


Why no rock music this year?
As brilliant a venue as Blackwood Miners’ Institute is, unfortunately it has proven not to be cost effective for staging rock concerts. If it ever does, Velvet Coalmine would love to use it again!


Why don’t you ask the Manic Street Preachers to play?
Blackwood and Wales’ finest band would be welcome to participate at any point. Unfortunately we don’t have an Arena, Stadium or a Castle in Blackwood big enough to stage them.