Bursting With Creativity

Simone Greenwood founder of Burst Publishing leads a creative writing workshop for children Simone is the founder of Burst, a new children’s and young adults’ publisher based in Caerphilly. She is passionate about giving debut authors a platform, as well as co-creating with children and young people through workshops and publishing projects. Pat grew up near the coast in South Wales. After graduating from Cardiff University, she taught English, History and Drama at various comprehensive schools in England. When her two children were born, she retrained as a primary school teacher and particularly enjoyed writing plays and dramas for the children to perform. On returning to Wales, she continued to teach and began reviewing plays and shows on the National Theatre of Wales Community website. After reviewing a literary festival, she was fired up to complete a children’s book she had started years previously. The Lost Moon was born out of the excitement that her young pupils always displayed when learning about Space.

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Rachel Long

Rachel Long discusses her 10 days in Blackwood as Velvet Coalmine 2017 Writer-in-residence with Iain Richards and reads her work written during her stay.

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Jon Gower

Writer, documentary maker, arts and media correspondent and Hay Festival International Fellow Jon Gower discusses his book of short stories on David Bowie and other rebels.

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Finding Wales: A New Book Brought to Life

Introducing a new book by Peter Daniels which explores the attitudes and motivations of a group of exiles who have realised their desire to return to their roots in Wales. In this session the book is brought to life as the author talks to/with two of the characters featured in the narrative: Rhian Jones, originally from mid Wales, a development officer at Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, encouraging education through the medium of Welsh, and Iain Richards of this south Wales valley community of Blackwood and the driving force behind Velvet Coalmine.

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Music Industry Panels

FORTE presents a series of panels looking at music management and other aspects of the music industry.

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Make Noise

Make Noise is music and recycling project that has toured all around the UK and most recently set off on 5 dates around Wales in 2016 – Make Noise Wales. Put on in association with Resource Efficiency Wales and Heavenly Recordings, Make Noise is a FREE initiative to help raise awareness about the importance of recycling electronic goods. To help channel this message Make Noise puts on amazing live music and DJs and asks everyone to bring along an old or unwanted handheld electronic item for recycling to gain entry. This could be a broken hairdryer, a drowned phone, busted iPod or even a couple of old batteries – anything that’s electrical – and you will get entry to the night for free!

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